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a new friend?

holy shit balls. Big news. I think I just made a friend. And you know what the weird thing is? She’s new to the school as well, and her hair is as big as mine. woowwww I didn’t know that was possible. Let me tell you how it happened k…she has bleached blonde hair and has black streaks in it right, and on her way to the principle’s office to get a lecture (just like I did) she ran right into me. I could tell we were alike because we both said “fuck” at the same time. She said my hair looked sick, and I said her hair looked sick. Basically we both found out neither of us had any friends and we decided to sit together at lunch with our cool hair. She walked around the place with massive black rimmed glasses, I don’t even think they’re prescription. “They just look fucking hectic” is what she said. Damn I agree, they’re almost as cool as my gold shades. ALMOST haha. Her name’s Mannie-Kate Chesterfield, her name is almost as long and strange as mine hey?

Oh, and today I found out the name of that hunk a spunk of a boy (you know, the one I got a nose bleed in front of) his name is Tim Townsend…people call him Timmy. But ‘Timmy’ is gay, I’ll just call him Tim. As much as I hate alliterated names, this STUD makes them okay. He spoke to me again today because we ended up sitting next to each other in assembly. But let me go on to the bad part…after the boring as shit brick assembly was over some girl came and slung her arm around Tim in the middle of this little conversation about piercings we were having . . .and she totally just PASHED the shit out of him right in front of me. “Babe” is what she called him. All i could picture in my mind was me pulling a gun out of my hair and shooting the dumb ganger right in the face. They were in a relationship – she’s a bitch. So I sort of mumbled the word bitch under my breath and she seemed to have heard me. “What did you fucking say?” she said. When i finally got a good look at her face I saw how pretty she was and how clear her skin was. And how the fuck her eyes got so blue was beyond me. I ended up just fucking leaving.

I miss my old friends 😦 they were so great compared to these cock suckers (literally)


Fuck me look how short my hair was.

DISCLAIMER: the diary of Annie Lucy Weatherfoot is fiction but is VERY loosely based on my life/I do not own images or videos/Dani Gore

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