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expulsion? my ass….

So you know what almost happened to me the other day? Yeah that’s right, I almost got expelled. EXPELLED. For the stupidest reason on earth. So this group of blonde skanks started to be mean to me and Mannie Kate, simply because our hair was different. To vent our stress we had a quick smoke in the bathroom and came out smelling of cigarettes. But we quickly pulled a Bart Simpson and got away with it. “excuse me sir, but smoking makes us more effective in our work” – that’s what Mannie Kate said and I tried so darn hard to hold in my laughter. What she actually wanted to say was “I can’t quit, I don’t have the willpower. Boy did I blow it!” The principle still chucked a massive shit and gave us one more strike, then, we’re out!

So, we vented our stress, but then it was time to get those bitches back. That’s right bitches – we are drunk with revenge. So…one girl called Abbie was dying her hair that afternoon, she wanted to go from light blonde to light brown. Now since Mannie Kate and myself pretty much dye our hair weekly we knew every detail about hair dyeing and changing. We changed the packaging very quickly while they were in class. Tomorrow this bitch will come to school with blue hair.

Bella…she has a totally ‘awesome’ car so what is the first logical thing to do? Yes. You guessed it, wreck it. We stole some sandpaper from the Design and Tech classes and sandpapered her entire car!

That’s all we got to do today, I’ll let you in on more revenge schemes we have going on. Oh, and this is a little message I sound out to everyone…



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